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Suzdal museums

Museum Address Phones Working hours Main expositions
Vladimir and Suzdal museum-reserve,
including separate exposition:
Kremlin Excursion dep. - (49231) 2-09-37    
Kremlin   (49231) 2-16-24 daily 10 - 18, ex. Tuesday The history of Suzdal land and Suzdal
The Cross Chamber
The Nativity Cathedral
Old Russian painting
Suzdal one hundred years ago
Canopy of the Jordan
The monastery of our Saviour and St. Euthimius  Lenina str. (49231) 2-07-46 daily 10 - 18, ex. Monday Russian applied and decorative art
Russian Icons of the 18-20th centuries
The Frescoes by Guri Nikitin
The history of Suzdal monasteries
Convicts Of The Monastery Prison
Book treasures of six centuries
D. Pozharsky - the national hero of the Russian people
Gaining a Victory Over Time
The exhibition of naive Art
Fates Interwoven
Herbal Garden
The museum of wooden architecture and peasants' life Pushkarskaya str. (49231) 2-07-84 daily 9 - 17, ex. Wednesday  
The History Оf The Convent Of The Intfercession. The Interior Of The Court Chamber Pokrovskaya str., 76  daily 10 - 18, ex.  Wednesday and Thursday  
A posad house (A settlement house) Lenina str., 148 (49231) 2-15-64 daily 10 - 17, (Wednesday and Friday till 16), ex. Thursday    
The church of St. Boris and St. Gleb in Kideksha Kidekscha vil.  daily 10 - 17, (Monday and Wednesday till 16), ex. Friday    
Rev. Andrey Davydov icon painting studio Church of St. Nicolas, Varganova str. (903) 753-79-64 по предварительной записи  
Waxworks museum Kremlevskaya str., 3 (985) 763-84-51 daily 10-19  
Museum of a live history "Shchyrovo Gorodische" Korovniki str., 14 (49231) 24-000 Saturday — 11.00-16.00, Sunday — 11.00-14.00