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Suzdal town. All information for tourists.

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    Suzdal is usually called as a jewel in the crown of Russian Golden Ring. About million of tourists visit that real museum town (this official status Suzdal got in 1967 and there are no any other museum towns in Russia yet) every year.
    It seems that town was frozen up in XIX century. There are more than a hundred landmarks there; some of them are in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Plenty of churches, most of which were created in a specific style of Suzdal – eye-filling slender bell towers, always amaze tourists.
Suzdal is situated on sides of The Kamenka River which are picturesque any time of year.
    In the middle ages Suzdal was a center of a huge and powerful Vladimir-Suzdal principality.
Since XVI century it had been losing its value because of strengthening of Moscow. It became the living place for unwanted deported boyars and knyazes – they are still alive in town legends.
    After losing its political value in XVI, the town became a great religious center. Suzdal bishopric Center was placed there. Stone construction was started again. That time gave a lot of architectural masterworks, such as The Convent of the Intercession of the Mother of God , The Monastery of our Saviour and St. Euthimius , The Kremlin.
    Early Suzdal had stone and wooden central streets where merchants were living, plenty of parish churches, spacious grasslands, and a huge amount of vegetables gardens. Suzdal was famous of gardening, especially of cucumbers. A Day of Cucumber has been organized since the past.
    Soviet period didn’t hurt Suzdal’s architecture much (except some great hurts such as magnificent The Trinity Cathedral on the territory of The Convent of the Deposition of the Robe of the Mother of God). The life in the town was changed a little during Soviet period, only all churches were closed and were not used as religious buildings.
    Instaurators did their best to reconstruct monuments after War. History of Suzdal Museum is inseparably associates with a name of A.D.Varganov, Director of the Museum.
    Nowadays Suzdal is a big touristic center and a base of its economy is tourism.
    The most of citizens work in touristic business – from hotels and guest houses to souvenirs sells.
    The most of tourists come for one, maximum two days. But to see and enjoy even a small part of that amazing town it is needed not less than 3-4 days. And it is better to visit it not at the weekends.
    Because of increasing influx of tourists, many hotels and guest houses have been built for the last ten years. Large hotels were built mostly in Soviet period, relatively new of them are “Pushkarskaya Sloboda”, “Kremlevsky” hotel and “Nickolaevsky Posad”, but now all hotels are refurbished and make a good impression.
    Guest houses – private mini-hotels for 3-10 rooms are more popular.
    Variations of prices between weekdays and weekends are usual for Suzdal. At the weekdays it is possible to save up to 50 % for hotel occupancy. During the holidays (not only official, but local also) prices in hotels can be raised for 30-50%.

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    Welcome to our web pages “Survey of Suzdal hotels”, “Survey of Suzdal restaurants”, viewpoints of Suzdal panoramas and also interactive maps of Suzdal – Architecture and Hotels&Restaurants.
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    “Suzdal Architecture” – here you can find out complete information about all 55 monuments of the town and its history. There is also a special part “Walk routes around Suzdal”.
    “Suzdal Hotels” (65 for today), “Restaurants” and “How to get Suzdal” tell you how to organize your leisure time in the town, how to arrive from Moscow and Vladimir. You can leave your comments and opinions about any place on every web page of a hotel or a restaurant.
    In “Photo albums” you can enjoy splendid views of the town.
    In “Information” we’ve collected links to websites about Suzdal, useful telephone numbers, a list of travel agencies, some different maps of the town.
    We also have a special part where you can read travel reports.
    This website is a project of four Moscovites, who are keen on Suzdal. It is based only on interest, it is not a commercial project. We just try to answer questions where to stay, where to have a meal, what to have a look at and how to arrange a holiday in this town.

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