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Suzdal museums
Vladimir and Suzdal museum-reserve

    The Vladimir and Suzdal state historical, architectural and art museum-reserve was formed in 1958 on the bases of the museums and architectural monuments of Vladimir, Suzdal, Bogolyubovo and Kideksha.
    The Vladimir museum was founded in 1854 by the Vladimir Gubernia Statistics committee on the initiative of its secretary K. Tikhonravov. At first, it had no building of its own. It was built in 1900-1903 according to a design of architect P.Begen. The museum was open in 1906. Local historians A.Smirnov, I.Golyshev, N.Artleben played a great role in the formation of the museum collections. The collections of the antiques' repository of St Alexandre Nevsky Brotherhood and the museums of the Sibirsky and Malorossiysky regiments, quartered in Vladimir came to the museum after 1917. Works of art from the nationalized gentry estates and closed-down monasteries also became a part of the museum.
    The Suzdal museum was created in 1923 in the Archbishops' chambers of Suzdal. From 1958 - Vladimir and Suzdal museum-reserve was founded with 39 historical and architectural monuments of Vladimir, Bogolyubovo, Suzdal and with 50097 items of museum collection. In 1974 on the basis of this museum the amalgamation of all local historical, art and memorial museums from 8 towns of the region - the Vladimir and Suzdal state amalgamated museum-reserve - was founded. In 1989 the amalgamation was disbanded. Only the museums of Vladimir and Suzdal and the Crystal Museum in the town of Gus-Khrustalny remained as the branches of the museum-reserve.

    Main exposition:
    The monastery of our Saviour and St. Euthimius
    The museum of wooden architecture and peasants' life
    The History Оf The Convent Of The Intfercession. The Interior Of The Court Chamber
    A posad house (A settlement house)
    The church of St. Boris and St. Gleb in Kideksha

Address: Suzdal, Kremlin
Телефон: (49231) 2-09-37 (
Excursion department), 2-17-36 (Director)
Working hours: Daily 10.00 - 18.00.